Miyuki Usagiryu

Miyuki Usagiryu is the first DNAloid in the series. At first, a good friend and I started developing the name and design. She has a twin sister named Kokoro Usagiryu, which is a voicebank being made for Garageband(Kokoro made by:Spiritchase)

The project was started November 2010. After her ACT 1 release in April, the DNAloids was formed.

Miyuki has the DNA of rabbit,dragon, and human. She has special "skills", but she does not use it very often because she thinks it should be used in emergencies. Miyuki is also fascinated about nature, and likes mathematics. She is also a intelligent person, and does well in school. However, she likes to play pranks for the amusement. She can be smart alecky, but most of the time she is nice to her friends and her sister, Kokoro.